Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Diversity brings forth diverse perspectives, new ideas, and fuels innovation. Diversity also makes Veeva an exciting and fun place to work.

Diversity Comes in Many Forms

Gender, race, ethnicity, religion, politics, sexual orientation, age, and life experience shape us all into unique people. At Veeva, we respect the individual first and value our people for who they are and the unique contributions they bring to our teams.

We Respect the Individual First

We value our people for the individuals they are and the contributions they bring to our teams. Veeva strives to foster a culture of inclusion where everyone feels comfortable being their true selves and can do their best work.

Veeva culture is shaped by our people. As part of our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion, Veeva has launched the Veeva Diversity Communities.

The employee-led communities are actively involved in Veeva’s efforts to grow a diverse workforce, raise awareness of social issues and celebrate the diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up our global team.

Veeva Black Community

Veeva Women’s Community

Veeva Pride Community

Veeva Asian Community

Eric (Seb) Seburyamo
Chief Diversity Officer

Veeva has been a home to me for over 10 years. It’s where I found my footing, and my work here has led to a lot of growth, both personally and professionally.

I first joined Veeva as a Consultant implementing our Commercial Suite of products. When I joined, we were small and still proving ourselves within the industry. It felt great being a part of such a dynamic team of hard-working professionals.

From the beginning, I felt supported and consistently provided opportunities to challenge myself and grow. This encouraged me and inspired me to reach greater heights as I grew into management and leadership positions over the years.

Veeva continues to invest in the growth and development of our expanding team. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to that growth and lead us in our journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Diversity and inclusion are very much a part of Veeva’s DNA. Our core values — Do the Right Thing, Employee Success, and Customer Success — are all deeply rooted within our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion and equity as we continue to grow our global teams.

Workforce Representation Data

We provide our workforce representation data on a quarterly basis for transparency and to track our progress over time.

We Are Veeva

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As a Public Benefit Corporation, our core values guide us — do the right thing, customer success, employee success, and speed — to help make the industries we serve more productive and create high-quality employment opportunities.

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