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Veeva Vault EDC Surpasses 1,000 Study Start Milestone

Eight of the top 20 biopharmas standardize on Vault EDC to build a modern clinical data foundation

PLEASANTON, CA — March 20, 2024 — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced that Veeva Vault EDC powered more than 1,000 study starts. The increased adoption of Vault EDC is enabling companies to establish a foundation for modern electronic data capture (EDC), including eight of the top 20 biopharmas and two of the top six CROs standardizing on Vault EDC. This underscores the ongoing shift to advanced clinical data management, with one top 20 biopharma recently migrating 25 studies and more organizations switching to Vault EDC for greater efficiency and speed.

“Veeva Vault EDC simplifies complex data management for faster study builds and streamlined processes,” said Richard Young, vice president, clinical data strategy at Veeva. “Research sites, sponsors, and CROs are reducing effort by 50% and executing 50% faster with Vault EDC, significantly advancing clinical data management for the benefit of the industry.”

Clinical teams are using Vault EDC to build studies faster. With industry-leading capabilities, Vault EDC offers a drag-and-drop interface and eliminates the need for custom programming. This makes it easier to design patient forms and perform edit checks, saving time and effort. The increased flexibility allows companies to run the study they need, even for complex multi-arm adaptive trials.

Vault EDC is part of Veeva Vault Clinical Data Management, bringing together EDC and Veeva Clinical Database (CDB) for next-generation clinical data management. To learn why more companies are adopting Vault EDC, visit

What the industry is saying about Veeva Vault EDC
“At Boehringer Ingelheim, one key strategic imperative is to own both clinical and operational data,” said Uli Broedl, senior vice president and global head, clinical development and operations at Boehringer Ingelheim. “By bringing together data and processes across clinical and related functions on a single cloud platform, we look to establish a connected technology landscape for agile collaboration that can accelerate the development of innovative medicines.”

“Veeva Vault EDC delivers a better user experience for sites, streamlining critical processes so we can focus on patient care,” said Dr. Viviënne van de Walle, principal investigator, medical director at PT&R. “With Vault EDC, sponsors generate documents upon closing the trial and seamlessly share with site staff to accept and acknowledge, accelerating study close-out.”

“Using Veeva Vault EDC, we now complete user acceptance testing in nearly half the time,” said Paula Bain, president, clinical development services at Syneos Health. “With faster and more efficient data management processes, we are advancing our operations to move from data checks to data science.”

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