Rethinking Today’s ePRO Delivery for Tomorrow’s Clinical Trials

The clinical trial landscape is evolving, but is eCOA/ePRO keeping pace? Co-CEO & Founder of Safira Clinical Research, Willie Muehlhausen, and VP of Strategy, MyVeeva for Patients, Tim Davis, discuss how ePRO delivery should change to better serve modern trials. They clarify barriers holding the industry back and the impact of solving those barriers for all stakeholders.

Watch this on-demand conversation to discover:

  • Why rapid build times can bring paper protocols to life, ensuring eCOA design meets study objectives
  • How to navigate licensing and other operational challenges to ensure a smooth project launch
  • Benefits of a change in strategy to speed of delivery and quality of data

Read this blog to learn more about overcoming the challenges of eCOA licensing.

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