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May 16, 2024 10:00 AM ET
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Uncover how the RIM-PromoMats Connection simplifies promotional material submission activities and labeling exchange. Automate the generation of submission-ready documents and reduce data redundancy and compliance errors with seamless processes across regulatory and commercial systems.

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June 2024

Safety–Clinical Ops Connection
July 2024

Safety–EDC Connection
August 2024

Medical–Safety Connection
September 2024

Clinical Ops–EDC Connection
October 2024

RIM–Clinical Ops Connection
November 2024

Medical–PromoMats Connection
December 2024

RTSM–EDC Connection
January 2025

RTSM–CTMS Connection
February 2025

Past Live Discussions

February 2024

Quality–RIM Connection

See a demonstration on how the Quality-RIM Connection streamlines change control and variation management, as well as core product data and document exchange across quality and regulatory functions. Get complete impact intelligence to improve decision-making and shorten the timeline from change control event creation to implementation.

April 2024

Safety-RIM Connection

Discover how the Safety-RIM Connection streamlines case processing and reporting obligations while maintaining data consistency between the two Vaults. Learn how to automatically share relevant product and registration data between Vault Safety and Vault RIM.

April 2024

Quality–Clinical Ops Connection

Discover how the Quality-Clinical Operations Connection automates the sharing of core study data and clinical issues with quality teams. Learn how to seamlessly transfer data between quality and clinical, eliminating manual processes and reconciliation.