Veeva Vault CRM Engage

Be There at the HCP's Point of Need

Adapt to the way HCPs like to connect with a suite of compliant chat, video, and content sharing capabilities.

Announced 2018 Status Mature Customers100+
Veeva Vault CRM Engage | The Digital HCP Engagement Solution
Hear how Boehringer Ingelheim equipped their field for HCP-centricity
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The HCP engagement platform
built for doctor preferences

Veeva Vault CRM Engage is an add-on application to Vault CRM for digital engagement between Vault CRM users and HCPs. Users can schedule meetings, meet in video calls, chat compliantly with HCPs and staff, and share approved content. Engage is accessed directly in Vault CRM for end users and via a standalone application for HCPs.

Engage uses Approved Email to support compliant invitations that allow attendees to schedule meetings or meet virtually through their device of choice.

All engagement activity is automatically captured in Vault CRM.


Exceed the likely outcome


open rate of Engage chat content


click-through rate of Engage chat content

19 min

average length of Engage virtual meeting

Why Engage

More frequent and timely conversations

Customer Success

Helping biopharma leaders
achieve next-level engagement

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