Optimize Quality and Compliance
with End-to-End Training Solutions

Veeva Training Solutions

Align with regulatory requirements to achieve quality and compliance excellence with comprehensive GxP-focused training solutions. Streamline training management across the entire training lifecycle – from developing curriculum to assigning training and tracking progress. Achieve performance excellence with an accredited GxP, EH&S, and Corporate Compliance training library.

Vault QualityDocs

Manage training content throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation to disposal. Allow internal and external parties to collaborate and share information seamlessly and securely.

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Vault Training

Manage qualifications, curricula, and assignments with GxP-focused LMS. Build curricula with many training types and track qualification and compliance status using reports and dashboards.

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Veeva LearnGxP

Meet regulatory requirements and improve job performance with an eLearning library of accredited courses on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Data Integrity, Inspection-Readiness, and other compliance topics.

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Why Veeva Training Solutions?


Purpose-built for life sciences to achieve learner qualification and inspection readiness.

Unified and connected

Seamless connection with Vault QualityDocs and Vault QMS enables direct training assignments and tracking within quality workflows.

Comprehensive GxP-compliant training

A complete single-vendor solution comprising a modern LMS, accredited content, and strategy for high-impact training programs.

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Features Brief Achieve Quality Excellence With End-to-End Training Solutions
Optimize Quality and Compliance with Veeva Training Solutions
Video Optimize Quality and Compliance With Veeva Training Solutions
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Video Video Hub: Elevate Training With Expert Insights

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