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ANI Pharmaceuticals launched its first patented, rare disease therapeutic in January 2022, just 75 days after FDA approval. A year later, ANI has seen good success.

Many factors contribute to a successful commercial strategy, but it’s ANI’s approach to data that sets the company apart. Moving away from the cumbersome data management of the past, ANI prioritized speedy patient data for actionable field insights.

ANI integrated modern patient data into their commercial ecosystem and accelerated commercialization by:

  • Finding new patients and HCPs daily
  • Informing the field within 24 hours

Finding new patients and HCPs daily

ANI finds new patients and HCPs by using more complete patient claims data that is refreshed and delivered daily.

Veeva Compass Patient includes prescriptions, procedures, and diagnoses that are sourced from a unique mix of prescription and medical claims data. For ANI, this means improved coverage for rare disease patient finding.

Longitudinal data also helps ANI prioritize HCPs who are most relevant in treatment decisions. Often in rare disease, the HCP on the claim is not always the most actionable for the field. So having visibility into a more complete patient history helps ANI’s reps determine which HCPs are most important in treatment decisions.

Informing field suggestions in CRM

To help its field team gain speed, ANI goes beyond identifying net new writers. It turns these insights around to the field in Veeva CRM within 24 hours.

“It used to take a month to compile, process, and share this information with the field. With Compass Patient daily data, we’ve cut 30 days off of that process. Now it all takes place within a day.” Bob Acropolis, Senior Director of Operations and Analytics, ANI Pharmaceuticals

ANI’s field team has access to timely, actionable suggestions in Veeva CRM MyInsights. The field can use hyper-specific suggestions and schedule a call or send an email all within Veeva CRM.

“Veeva’s common data architecture has been hugely beneficial in pulling through that Compass data to the field,” Acropolis says.

Want to enable your field teams with better, faster data? Learn how daily Veeva Compass Patient data can help.

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