Services Partners

All partners are trained and enabled to deliver specialized services, are certified annually by Veeva
and meet specific program requirements.

Partnership Levels

Partner closely with Veeva. Tiers earned though verified customer engagement, training achievements, certification milestones, and relevant project experience.

Premier Services Partner

Most trusted, experienced partners. Deliver high quality services across Veeva R&D or Commercial Cloud and by Veeva product area.

Preferred Services Partner

Earn Preferred status by meeting additional training and project requirements. Demonstrated deep experience in specific Veeva product area.

Services Partner

Experienced partners who provide specialized services for Veeva customers across R&D or Commercial Cloud.

Why Choose a Certified Partner?

  • Verified feedback from referenced customers
  • Recent project experience in specified Veeva product area
  • Requirements achieved for Veeva-trained consultants

Featured Services Partners

  • Accenture Base Cognizant Nnit USDM Slipstream Conexus Aqurance Pharma-Advisors