Veeva AI Partner Program

An industry approach to enabling AI innovation.

Veeva AI Partner Program

Provides Veeva Vault software and Veeva Vault Direct Data API access, enablement, training and support to select partners.

Veeva AI Partners

Join to develop and deliver innovative GenAI solutions powered by Vault data and seamlessly integrated with Veeva applications.

Why Choose a Veeva Partner?

  • Proven partners focused on customer success
  • Veeva Vault and Vault Direct Data API access
  • Veeva trained employees

How Vault Platform enables GenAI applications

GenAI applications need access to accurate, secure, and timely data in order to deliver value. The Vault Platform and Vault Direct Data API make this possible by enabling data access up to 100 times faster than traditional request/response APIs. The AI partner program provides partners with the software, tools and support they need to deliver AI solutions that customers want.

Only Veeva Vault manages both content and data on a single platform. Vault Direct Data API can be used by Veeva AI partners to extract data quickly, build innovative GenAI solutions, and deliver the results and data right back into Vault where customers can incorporate them directly into their workflows and business processes.

AI Partners


Anthill transforms and optimizes your content supply chain through Content Automation. Our GenAI solutions for content discovery, rapid assembly of tactics, review and re-use of content help get your content to market faster and more efficiently.

AI Use Case: Content Chatbot, Modular Content Identification, Content Generation

Veeva Vault CRM, Veeva Vault PromoMats, Veeva Vault MedComms, Veeva Vault Platform
Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America


Hyntelo will develop GenAI solutions that enable the delivery of enhanced next best actions in Veeva Vault CRM through MyInsights and content auto-tagging in Veeva Vault PromoMats.

AI Use Case: Content Auto-Tagging, Next Best Action Rep Chatbot

Veeva Vault CRM, Veeva Vault PromoMats, Veeva Vault Platform
Asia Pacific, Europe, North America


ODAIA will deliver an integrated GenAI solution that provides real-time, predictive insights right in Veeva Vault CRM for sales to enhance call planning, pre-call insights, and HCP engagement.

AI Use Case: Call Planning, Pre-Call Insights, Segmentation

Veeva Vault CRM, Veeva Vault Platform
North America


TransPerfect’s GlobalLink Connect platform provides an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, improve quality and complete all facets of the translation process. Using AI-powered translation, GlobalLink provides customers with a comprehensive solution for managing translations of global enterprise content with minimal effort and IT overhead. TransPerfect is also a Veeva Gold Certified Product Partner.

Vault eTMF, Vault PromoMats / MedComms, Vault Quality Suite, Vault QualityDocs, Vault RIM Suite, Vault Study Startup
Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Japan, Latin America, North America


ZS will create innovative GenAI solutions for Veeva Vault CRM and Veeva Vault PromoMats across various domains, including customer engagement, content tagging, and content generation and approval.

AI Use Case: Content Auto-Tagging, Content Generation, MLR Pre-Check, Modular Content Identification, Next Best Action Rep Chatbot, Pre-Call Insights

Veeva Vault CRM, Veeva Vault PromoMats, Veeva Vault Platform
Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Japan, North America


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